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‘Smash’ Stars Explain Marilyn Monroe Mystique

‘She was just a classic, iconic American beauty, an American star,’ series star Katharine McPhee tells MTV News.
By Christina Garibaldi

Marilyn Monroe in “Niagara”

Photo: 20th Century Fox

It seems like no matter where you turn in the pop culture realm lately, you are more than likely to find a reference to blond bombshell Marilyn Monroe. Nearly 50 years after Monroe died at the age of 36, she is still considered one of the most iconic figures in Hollywood history. So it’s no surprise that in 2012 she is having another shining moment.

She was brought to life by Michelle Williams in her Oscar-nominated role in “My Week With Marilyn,” was paid homage in Madonna’s video for “Give Me All Your Luvin’ “ and channeled by Nicki Minaj in her leaked track, fittingly titled “Marilyn Monroe.” And each week on the new hit series “Smash,” two aspiring stars vie to play her in a role for a Broadway musical.

So why is Marilyn’s life back in the spotlight? Well, according to the cast of “Smash,” she never left.

“I think she’s always had a moment,” Katharine McPhee told MTV News at the “Smash” premiere. “I think people are just intrigued by her life and how she left us too early. She was just a classic, iconic American beauty, an American star. There was a real innocence and sweetness to her, I think.”

McPhee’s co-star Anjelica Huston agrees. “I don’t really think she’s been out of fashion for very long. She’s an iconic figure, maybe the most beautiful, the most enduring blond ever. That’s why 50 years later, she remains as iconic as she ever was.”

It’s not just her outer beauty that have left people intrigued by Monroe. Her complicated and sad true-life story — of an orphan named Norma Jean turned sex symbol Marilyn Monroe — has kept people interested as well.

“I think she’s extremely relatable. Her story is fascinating, and anybody who doesn’t know anything about her life really should take a minute and read any of the many biographies that are out there on her,” “Smash” co-star Megan Hilty said. “Behind all this glamour, adoration, she was a very lonely person, and I think a lot of people can identify with that part of her. And they also look up to her for the glamorous side. She is so many different things to so many different people that we’ll be talking about her for years to come.”

Why do you think Marilyn Monroe is having a moment? Let us know in the comments.

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Critical Music 2- Oprah Winfrey

hmmmm i couldn’t think of any BAD lyrics of songs so if you have any ideas for ANY random songs, leave any comments below.

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Whitney Houston’s Death: Prescription Drugs And Alcohol, Report Says

TMZ says Coroner’s officials have told icon’s family she likely died from drugs and alcohol; daughter Bobbi Kristina released from hospital.
By Jocelyn Vena

Whitney Houston

Photo: Kevin Mazur/ WireImage

On Sunday night, the life and impressive career of Whitney Houston were celebrated at the 2012 Grammy Awards, with everyone from Bruno Mars to host LL Cool J and Jennifer Hudson recalling the immense talent of the late icon.

Since her passing on Saturday, more reports have surfaced about what might have contributed to her death. After initial speculation that she might have drowned in the bathtub of her Beverly Hills hotel room, a new TMZ report suggests that prescription drugs and alcohol might have played a bigger part in her death than originally believed.

Sources tell the site that L.A. County Coroner’s officials have told Houston’s family that despite earlier drowning reports, it’s likely she died of a combination of Xanax, other prescription drugs and alcohol. There wasn’t enough water in her lungs to suggest that drowning played a part, the report says, and she might have died before her head was submerged in water.

Her body was reportedly found by her aunt, Mary Jones, who entered the bathroom to check on the singer. Houston’s body will be flown to Atlanta once it is released from the coroner’s office, sources said.

Meanwhile, Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, has been released from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after being treated for a stressed-induced panic attack shortly after her mother’s death. Since Houston’s passing, Bobbi Kristina’s father, Bobby Brown, has flown to L.A. to be with his daughter, E! News reports.

According to a People.com eyewitness, when he landed in L.A., “Bobby had a blank stare and looked exhausted … His friends seemed concerned about him and they surrounded him as they walked through the airport.” He had been on tour with New Edition when he left the trek to join Bobbi Kristina.

Sunday’s hospitalization allegedly wasn’t the only health scare for the 18-year-old over Grammy weekend. TMZ reports that she had fallen asleep in the bathtub Friday at the same hotel where her mother was found dead the next day. Bobbi Kristina’s friends reportedly called security to unlock the door and help them remove her from the tub.

Share your condolences with Whitney’s family and friends on our Facebook page.

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Michael Bay To Direct ‘Transformers 4,’ Producer Confirms

The fourth film, which will be released in summer of 2014, will be ‘an evolution,’ Lorenzo di Bonaventura tells MTV News.
By Kevin P. Sullivan

Optimus Prime in “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”

Photo: Paramount

Since late last year, rumors began firing off about a potential “Transformers” sequel or sequels, and they ran the gamut. Paramount might film two sequels back to back. Michael Bay might return for both. Jason Statham may be the new star. Rumors came and went, but perhaps the biggest question lingered: Will Bay return to direct?

The master of the big-budget explosion, Bay’s highly stylized eye for action lent the trilogy its signature look and breakneck pace. With potential sequels looming, no word had been given on whether Bay would return for any follow-ups.

But at Toy Fair 2012, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura confirmed to MTV News that Bay would, indeed, return for a fourth “Transformers” film. “Michael’s going to direct, and it’ll be in the summer of 2014. We’ll be releasing then,” di Bonaventura said.

Di Bonaventura said that the director is eager to get back to the franchise he started. “He’s a cool customer. He’s excited,” he said. “I think the challenge there is that we are really going to do a reboot and what that’s going to be, we don’t even know yet.” Bay will reportedly film the next “Transformers” after making “Pain and Gain,” which has Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg circling major roles.

As for the Jason Statham rumors, di Bonaventura said that it is way too early in the process to decide something like casting. “No, it’s so silly. We have to get a story first,” he said. “You can’t pick characters if you don’t have a story.”

With the series heading in the direction of a reboot, many new questions form about which characters and storylines will return. Di Bonaventura insisted that the fourth film will not be a hard reboot, but an “evolution.”

“Again, it’s a hybrid because it’s a funny thing. I’m not involved with ‘Spider-Man,’ but what I perceive ‘Spider-Man’ to be is just a redoing of the whole thing. It’s not. It’s an evolution. There’s still continuity that’s going on, yet there will be a lot of new cast,” he said. “Whether there’s anybody from the first cast, we don’t even know yet. The trust is it’s going to be a whole new story. The characters that would certainly come along are Optimus and Bumblebee, I’m sure.”
Are you excited for a “Transformers 4″? Leave your comment below!

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JTLP Music

JTLP is a place for music. I will be posting videos of song covers, song tutorials, and also original pieces, rate comment, subscribe, and enjoy.

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Adele Tells Vogue She’s ‘Done With Being A Bitter Witch’

Grammy winner graces the March cover and tells the magazine that she’s ‘never writing a breakup record again.’
By Jocelyn Vena


Photo: Jeff Kravitz/ FilmMagic

Shortly after winning six Grammy Awards on Sunday (February 12) night, Adele told reporters in the press room that “it hasn’t really sunk in,” and in a just released interview and cover story with Vogue (which had been rumored late last year), she opened up about her pre-Grammys nerves and her hope that she would take home some Grammy gold for her chart-topping, record-breaking 21.

“I burst into tears when I found out,” she told the magazine about her nominations. “And I would love, absolutely love, to win. This record is coming to an end, and that would be the final brick on it.” (She eventually went on to sweep the show, winning the night’s big prizes, Record of the Year and Album of the Year.)

On Sunday, she triumphantly returned to the stage to characteristically belt out her star-making breakup track, “Rolling in the Deep.” And when she spoke to Vogue in late 2011 for the interview, she already knew that was the song she wanted to return with.

“I’m definitely going to be singing ‘Rolling in the Deep,’ ” she teased. “Because that’s been the biggest hit off the record in America. But I’m going to mix up a little bit — do a bit of a Beyoncé — to make it exciting. It’s kind of my comeback, really. There are a lot of people who probably think that I’m never going to sing again. So I will come for them and kick their arses.

“I’m nervous whenever I perform,” she continued. “But seeing that it will be the first time opening my mouth again onstage in front of my peers? I’m sh—in’ myself.”

In the press room on Sunday night, Adele shared that she thinks the ex that inspired 21 would be happy for her these days, and she teases in the magazine that she’s done with heartbreak tracks for the time being. “Come on! I’m wifey material! I’m great. No one’s got to be brave. It’s not like, ‘You f— me over and I’m going to write a record and make you the most hated man in the world.’ I am never writing a breakup record again, by the way,” she said. “I’m done with being a bitter witch.”

What did you think of Adele’s comeback performance at the Grammys? Leave your comments below!

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from sonic 3d blast comes the remix yo udidnt want its late sue me NO MUSIC IS MINE MUSIC IS OWNED BY THEIR OWNERS

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T.I. Teaches Domani A Lesson!

After hearing that his son isn’t doing well in school, T.I. takes matters into his own hands on the next <b>The Family Hustle</b>!
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Wale’s Ambition Makes Him #10 Hottest MC In The Game!

Mr. Folarin’s tireless work ethic and an assist from Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group lands him a spot on MTV News’ Hottest VII list.
By Nadeska Alexis


Photo: Getty Images

Wale’s sophomore LP, Ambition, debuted at #2 on the albums chart in November, and the title couldn’t have been more appropriate.

The Washington D.C. rapper reinvented himself in 2011, claiming a new space in the hip-hop stratosphere after a sound, but commercially disappointing, debut two years earlier. Wale’s tireless work ethic, along with a deal from Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group, were the keys to his success and his #10 slot on MTV News’ Hottest MCs in the Game VII list.

After releasing Attention Deficit in 2009, Wale parted ways with Interscope Records and decided to continue on his mixtape grind. In August 2010, he dropped More About Nothing, the second installation of his “Seinfeld”-themed series. And if Wale was putting out feelers for his fanbase, it worked. The mixtape became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter, and pulled in 100,000 downloads in a matter of hours. Fans weren’t the only ones paying attention though. Rick Ross, in the midst of constructing his MM Group empire, also took notice.

Want to Join the Debate? Just Hit us on Twitter using the hashtag #HottestMC!

By February 2011, Wale was officially signed to MMG under the Warner Bros. umbrella. With the release of Maybach Music’s Self Made Vol. 1 compilation last summer, Wale demonstrated his ability to deliver bangers on hits like “600 Benz,” and from there his star only continued to rise.

“Wale really touched on a broad scale, when it comes to an audience, it’s hard to dispute that,” said Yomi Desalu, MTV’s senior director of music and talent programming strategy.


Album: Ambition

Selected Mixtapes: The Eleven One Eleven Theory

Singles: “That Way” (featuring Jeremih and Rick Ross), “Lotus Flower Bomb” (featuring Miguel) and “600 Benz” (featuring Jadakiss and Rick Ross)

Street Bangers: “Bait,” “Chain Music”

Key Guest Appearances: Waka Flocka Flame’s “No Hands,” Shawty Lo’s “Pocahontas” and Trae Tha Truth’s “I’m On.”

Meteoric Metrics: Two #1 rap albums with Ambition and MMG’s Self Made, vol. 1, #1 Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop single “Lotus Flower Bomb.”

Business Ventures: N/A

Tours: Dates with Rick Ross

Monumental Moment: Signing to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music and notching a #1 Rap Album with his sophomore effort Ambition

Forecast: After his 2009 debut, Attention Deficit, yielded less-than-stellar results, Wale reinvented himself as a member of Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group. After setting himself up properly with appearances on MMG’s Self Made, Vol. 1 and his own The Eleven One Eleven Theory mixtape, the D.C. spitter’s Ambition should solidify him as a major player in rap for many years to come.

The criteria to be considered a Hottest MC are based on a combination of impact, buzz, sales, lyrics, swag and the intangibles. Mr. Folarin pretty much touched on them all. He performed with the Maybach crew on shows like “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” finally getting his mainstream shine. With the right support system behind him, Wale began to prep his sophomore album, but he teased it with another excellent mixtape, The Eleven One Theory, in August 2011. In addition to proving that he was still a very talented lyricist, singles like “Bait” reinforced the fact that he’d finally found a sound that would appeal to a wider audience.

By the time November 1 rolled around, Wale had built plenty of anticipation for his second album. Thanks in part to Rick Ross — who demonstrated his uncanny talent for branding in 2011 — #Ambition took on a life of its own in the world of social media, with its inspirational undertones. Lead single “Lotus Flower Bomb,” plus the Kid Cudi-assisted “Focused”, “Slight Work” (featuring Big Sean) and, of course, the title track “Ambition” (featuring Meek Mill and Ross) struck just the right balance between Wale’s sometimes-dense rhymes and radio-friendly numbers.

“Lotus Flower Bomb is a #1 record and Wale’s album was very balanced and diverse,” MTV Jams’ Tuma Basa noted.
In the post-release madness, Wale appeared alongside Rick Ross on the cover of Billboard, dropped verses on the Bawse’s Rich Forever mixtape and even recruited Chris Brown to direct the visuals for “Slight Work.” After shaking off the disappointment of his debut album and surviving the dreaded sophomore slump, things are only looking up for Wale.

Tune in to MTV2 on Sunday, February 19, at 10 p.m. ET/PT to catch “MTV2 Presents: Yo! MTV Raps Classic Cuts,” then watch “Hottest MCs in the Game VII” immediately after at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT before capping the night off with “Sucker Free Certified” at 11 p.m. ET/PT.

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Stay Mobbin -Amorado

Stay Schemin rremix! Check it out and SUB to my page! Like my facebook music page too! www.facebook.com Special thanks to JunyorJune for helping me record this! www.youtube.com DOWNLOAD at Hulkshare!

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